So you want to go to the Bender.

And why not?

As of NOW, full-access Bender Wristbands are available at Green Noise Records today and at the Star Theater box office tonight. Online sales of wristbands is down.

You can purchase online single-night tickets through TicketFly here.

The great time of Bending has arrived. Be a part of it.

Photo: The No Tomorrow Boys, playing Bender this Sunday night.


From the Oregonian:

Bender, Portland’s leading garage-rock festival, begins Friday

Leave it to a band called the Cynics to improve Bender festival co-organizer Sam Soule’s view of music. “They showed me rock could be really raw, primal and fun and didn’t have to be such a depressing protest march,” he says.

Portland’s leading garage-rock festival — the seventh annual installment takes place this weekend — is the embodiment of that idea. It’s 38 artists over three days alternately making melodies and feedback, all while not taking themselves too seriously.


Last Day to Buy Bender Wristbands Online!


If you’ve been putting off purchasing a Bender Wristband, please note: We’re done selling those babies online as of midnight TONIGHT night. So make your move.

Bender Wristbands are $30, as opposed to purchasing nightly tickets for $12 advance or $14 at the door. The wristband gets you in all three nights. The wristband also gets you into the Bender VIP-Wristband party Sunday afternoon. You can read how sick that’s going to be right here.

Bottom line with our wristband deal: More Bender, less bucks.

Purchase your Bender Wristband here.


The Mercury on Bender: Same Scuzz, New Digs

The Bender get’s gussied up. Read full article.

Cheater Slicks on CBS-Seattle!


Cheater Slicks Ride Westward After 13 Years

Cheater Slicks, the sonically-chaotic, bassless trio, isn’t really a household name among music enthusiasts. And the odds are even some active followers of punk rock aren’t exactly sure who the band is when brought to their attention.

Nevertheless, brothers Tom and Dave Shannon along with drummer Dana Hatch have been roaming the globe with their “we do what we want” attitude towards music for the better part of a quarter-century, winning the love of some of the mainstays of rock ‘n’ roll. The trio was known in their earlier days for completely clearing bars with loud and screeching, archaic power — something along the lines of Iggy & The Stooges meets a chainsaw.

CBS Seattle sat down with guitarist and singer Tom Shannon to talk about the band’s long-awaited return to the west coast. Cheater Slicks are slated to play this year’s Portland Bender festival happening April 12-14.


Willamette Week Picks Top Bender Five!

Portland free weekly Willamette Week is running a sweet run-down on five Bender bands: Cheater Slicks, Cynics, Missing Monuments, Black Bananas and Greg Turner. Read here.


Matthew Melton’s WARM SODA is Power Pop Perfect

We all agree, Matthew Melton’s Bare Wires were great (is great? I’ve lost track). But his latest project, Warm Soda, leaps off that band’s impressive shoulders—wide, strong, tough—straight into a pool of lightly carbonated, smooth flowing and impressively nuanced power pop. Get it? Refined listeners can’t help but jump in. And this Saturday night, you’re bathing in it too, when Warm Soda joins a totally stacked Bender line-up, and splashes up with syrupy joy.


Sad Horse Rides to Bender

imageWhen Sad Horse rides into Bender Sunday, April 14, pay attention. This unassuming duo is likely one the most interesting, and pleasing, “answer-to-nobody” rock ‘n’ roll bands around. What do I mean? Fuck, I don’t know what I mean, and maybe neither does Sad Horse. Maybe. But do listen to Sad Horse. I do. Their every song is its own skittering and squealing world of mayhem modified, or not. You might not swing, but you will groove, on Sad Horse terms. For fans of Eat Skull, Trumans Water, The Whines and for folks who subscribe to unique flights of aural pleasure, and don’t ask a lot of goddamn questions.


A more concise article

James Arthur’s Manhunt: Space Rock for the Gods of Space

If the Bender had a guitar hero, it would be James Arthur.image

Wait. We DO have a guitar hero… and it is James Arthur.

And for good reason.

Arthur’s distinctly skewed and lacerating guitar style has made so many great damaged garage bands so much… more damaged: Fireworks, Necessary Evils, A Feast Of Snakes, Golden Boys (well, he drummed for them, still… lacerating). These days he’s all about taking that latent sci-fi freakiness that’s always colored the margins of them past groups to a whole new level. The universe, man. Space. See James Arthur’s Manhunt this Friday night at the Bender.

Sex Crime Saturday Night!

Crime Wave Punk to hit Portland streets, hard.

Arrive early Bender Saturday night and catch the debut of the much anticipated SEX CRIME. This will be super hard-hitting synth punk as perpetrated by a gang possessing a history that assures they can deliver the goods. You would expect no less from folks who have roved in such excellent gangs as The Epoxies, The No-Talents, Thee Headliners, The Suicide Notes, Operation S, The Sauerkrauts, The Procrastinators and The Rickets. History will be made. Crimes done. (Saturday, April 13, 6pm)