Tim Kerr Paints Bender Poster! Will Play Fest!


If you’re a fan of essential punk music, chances are you’re well familiar with official Bender 2013 artist, Tim Kerr.

Tim came to international attention in the early 80’s as a member of the pioneering Austin hardcore band The Big Boys and then went on to play in a genius string of garage, punk and soul groups like Poison 13, King Sound Quartet, The Now Time Delegation and Monkeywrench.

Tim is also an accomplished painter as well as a musician, an artist whose folksy, outsider style has been showcased on both gallery walls and skateboard counters; brilliant stuff and we jumped at the chance of having Tim rep for the Bender. Singed and numbered screen prints of Tim’s Bender poster will be available for purchase at the Bender. In addition, Tim is also painting custom backdrops for the Bender stage.

AND on Sunday afternoon, April 14, at the Bender VIP-Wristband Party, Tim Kerr will be playing live as part of his Freedom Band, a kind of community-action soul-jazz jam held, not on stage, but in the audience. Tim’s Freedom Band project is a free-form and fluid thing comprised of an open membership recruited from the local area, involving players of all levels of proficiency. Tim has pulled off his Freedom Band twice before: in Providence as part of his AS220 residency and in San Francisco for an art show at the Luggage Store. Both were very different in final execution.

What will happen at the Bender is anyone’s guess.

PLEASE NOTE: Are you Interested in joining Tim Kerr’s Freedom Band at the Bender? He has a specific need for horn players, lots and lots of horn player. If you would like to get involved, write Sam Soule at sdodgesoule@gmail.com.


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