Your Bender Line-up: (April 12-14) Three night shows and two matinees. Bands are listed from HEADLINER to OPENER (aka last to first). Full Weekend Wristbands $30. Miss nothing. Be all.

April 12 - BENDER FRIDAY NIGHT (6 pm doors)

Cheater Slicks (Columbus, OH) The GENIUS noise rock ‘n’ rollers you thought you were never going to see. Well, here you are: The GENIUS noise rock ‘n’ rollers you thought you were never going to see. (ss)

The Missing Monuments (New Orleans) A double-barrel blast of trash and pop, under the command of former Old Oaks Park carny King Louie Bankston. It’s not 1977 any more. It’s 1983. (ss)

James Arthur’s Manhunt (Austin, TX) Guitar hero to the Space Rock Gods, and those of which we make sacrifice. If the state of Texas were to crack open the sky, and who is to say it hasn’t? (ss)

Thee Headliners (PDX) Splintered, moss-covered soul, creeping out of rock ‘n’ roll alleys where the Wipers used to hide. (ss)

The Wimps (SEA) Ruling their scene, sleeping in late. Clipped. Cut. And cute. (ss)

The Pity Fucks (PDX) Dwell in pity, deserve no mercy. Have you heard they sound like GG Allin’s best day faking the Lyres?

Glitz (SF): Hammer and glamour and the heart of your next punk party dangling on their sleeves. (ss)

Youthbitch (PDX): The rumors in town are true. The rumors in town are true. If PDX has hope, these kids are hiding it.

Life Stinks (SF): A revival band.

MUSK (SF): Aromatic Bender spirit.

Tickets: $12 /$14

The Cynics (Pittsburgh) There is no other band that plays the whole sixties-psych garage rock thing with the skill and the heart of the Cynics. Don’t miss this set. When their first LP Blue Train Station came out in 1987 it felt like a revelation — rock ‘n’ roll was exciting again. And it still is. Because they still are. And we couldn’t be more pleased to be hosting the Cynics tonight. (ss)

Monoshock (SF): In the “underground” rock scene of the mid-Nineties, one band stood split-head and slumped shoulders over nearly all other primitive savants as a purveyors of truly—and I mean really and truly—freaked-out brilliance: Monoshock. Their brilliance was reaffirmed all over again this past summer when they reunited for two shows in SF. Just like what they’re going to do tonight in Portland. Together now, walk through the fire… (ss)

White Mystery (Detroit) Professional rockers Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key have had their entire lives to perfect their joint aesthetic. They are the epitome of riff rock: writhing about and evoking thoughts about the performers’ genitals. This Chicago band is teenage fantasies come to life. Forget “Stairway to Heaven,” we have WHITE MYSTERY. (sg)

Head (SEA) Seattle’s legendary Ramones-clones make a rare and (once again) highly anticipated appearance. Fan fervor runs deep for the return of this true Bender favorite. (jb)

Therapists (PDX) The depravity of Portland’s THERAPISTS is the stuff of legends: piss, snot, trash, and bloody marys made with ketchup packets in parking lots. Frontman Adam Hess is the kind of guy people will talk about for decades. Therapists’ Jonnycat Records LP Hate Sweats is bound to be collectable, so make sure you have it and don’t tell mom I’m a deviant. (sg)

The Pynnacles (PDX) Who would have thought that in a town with so many “important” and cutting-edge cultural notions as PDX that we’d ever get a band that was ever this fun again! The Pynnacles are literally burning all our bridges with their rock ‘n’ roll heat and sweet soul fire. (ss)

Rhett & Dean (Austin, TX) R. A. D. have never played Porltand before and they stand to be everyone’s big Bender suprise. They’ve got it all: super high energy rock ‘n’ roll, tightly constructed, marinally melodic, consistenly heavy and always BADASS. Welcome to town, boys. (ss)

Warm Soda (Oakland) Infectiously brilliant project by the great Matthew Melton. Maybe his most so. (ss)

Sex Crime  (PDX): If you’re smart you will see Portland band SEX CRIME’s first show (which is their set at the Bender). Sex Crime includes the coolest girl in the world, Cecilia, and other greats Ryan (The Epoxies), Tim (The Epoxies, Suicide Notes), and Holly (Thee Headliners, Radio Cab). Expect a lot of danceable racket, synth, stand up drums, and sex appeal. (sg)

Tickets: $12 /$14
April 13 - SATURDAY MATINEE (1 pm)

M.O.T.O. (NH) This is Zen and the art of punk maintenance. The Master is in. Paul Caporino’s formula of catchy melody and critical punk has survived multiple migrations and even more band formations, over a period of decades. Sweet, and too tough to die. (ss)

The Suicide Notes (PDX) Hot new PDX band that has taken the city by storm—and for a town that has no real weather, this is a much appreciated climate change. The Notes mix a hot girl group tradition with a tough-as-nails Rhythm & Punk foundation. A sight for both sore eyes and ears and a total Bender favorite. (ss)

Paradise (PDX) The shaggy urban-rural look of the PDX-hipster set is over. Sleek mod fashions and sounds are in! And leading the charge to this Promised Land of Cool, our very own, and totally aptly named, Paradise! The moping is over. The sweet beat sound is back. (ss)

The Bloodtypes (PDX) Awesome high drama, heavy-splatter punk rock with a tight new wave vibe, the Bloodtypes play a totally hyped-up rock while pulling off a stage show nothing less than cinematic in execution. Surgical! Messy! (ss)

Moyster (PDX) Like a great lost buffalo, roaming large and loud, Bender Saturday starts with this new band’s wide open frontier of fun. (ss)


April 14 - BENDER SUNDAY NIGHT (6 pm)

Big Eyes (Seattle) BIG EYES are an international hit. They tour so much that it’s becoming difficult to associate them with one particular city. They’re everywhere. They’re huge. We’re lucky to see them so often. (sg)

Black Bananas (LA) Jennifer Herrema (of the amazing Royal Trux and RTX) continues to march her sky-high gangbangers ever further into the oft disputed tribal territories where hazy conception meets shady perception, and all the colors are at war. Rad times to ensue, always. (ss)

Plateaus (San Diego) A beautiful and garbage-strewn mix of amped-up fuzzy bliss. A recent Bender discovery and fast favorite. Very much recommended. (ss)

Sad Horse (PDX) Distinct punk duo with a smartly-crafted no-frills approach. Should no doubt go down smooth surrounded by all the enviromental noise damage inherent to every Bender. (ss)

Buck Biloxi & The Fucks (New Orleans) Easily disposable, imminently recyclable, Buck and company are the industry standard for Crap Rock below the Mason Dixon Line, not to mention guitarist and former Portland resident, Joe Pestilence, is a true Bender war hoss. (ss)

The No Tomorrow Boys (PDX) Don’t let the camp qualities of the NO TOMORROW BOYS put you off. These guys know what’s up. With their matching jackets and switchblade slide guitar these guys consistently make Portland get down onto the floor. If you can, go to a party where NTB frontman Danny Dodge is DJing: goooooood shit! (sg)

Courtney & The Crushers (Oakland) Bender stage manager Courtney Crusher has been in more cool bands than we can keep track of but she and her Crushers are our personal fave. Heavy duty bubble gum that chews up tough and blows up big! (ss)

Guantanamo Baywatch (PDX) GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH are hardworking babes. In the face of recurrent vehicle trouble, they tour more frequently than any other Portland band. Bassist Chevelle Supersport’s stage moves are inspirational and she looks like Deborah Harry. Perfect for your hangover on Sunday. (sg)

Piss Test (PDX) One of Portland’s best new punk bands has an 80’s-era East Coast intensity desperately trying to hold together the band’s natural love for 90’s-era  garage spew. Put another way, they wrap up tight and unspool fast. Hot. Impassioned. Choice. (ss)

The Bad Tats (SEA) Are you confusing these guys with Seattle’s awesome Downstrokes? We did and you should: Same great band. Same bad ink. (ss)

Tickets: $12 /$14

April 14 - VIP-WRISTBAND PARTY (1 pm)


The deal is you need a fest wristband to go to this thing, and of all the Bender shows, this one stands to be the most bent, by far. Anything can happen, once you get your complimentary drink tickets—that’s right, we’re giving away drinks AND food at this thing. Truth is, we have no idea what really is going on here—oh, we have an idea—and that’s the beauty of it. Come early, stay for the Black Bananas. This is where the shit really happens.

Cheater Slicks & Friends: The thought was, “Well, shit. Cheater Slicks is going to be here for the whole Bender, maybe they might want to play some kind of informal something-or-other with some of the drunk hands laying around the Bender—hands that would kill for the chance, to be sure. And did they? Yep, no hesitation. Cheater Slicks are going to walk up and make some amazing noise with whom we cannot say. But there will certainly be enough talent at the Bender to make this set nothing less than… historical. (ss)

Freedom BandAustin artist and punk rock legend Tim Kerr has a vision that is even more basic than whatever someone really means whey they say “DIY.” Tim’s philosophy? “It ain’t hard.” And with this motto firmly in place, Tim occasionally sets out to gather as many willing musicians as he can find—novice to seasoned performer—to perform his musical composition “Freedom.” He calls this project his Freedom Band. How’s it going to come off today? Depends who steps up to give it a spin. It ain’t hard. (ss)

Greg Turner (Santa Fe, NM): Since his famous run with the much-loved LA punk band The Angry Samoans, Gregg Turner has branched out. He went and got a Phd. for one. But the hardest thing he’s done (and you can youtube the video as proof) is successfully fund his recent solo album, Gregg Turner Plays the Hits, online through Kickstarter. Watch that campaign. Listen to the record. Back with the Samoans, Turner was all “dangerous” and funny and now… he’s funnier. Honestly, songs like “The Pharmicst at Walgreens” and “I Dreamed I Met Lou Reed” are just as deadly as anything the Samoans ever did. Funnier, too. (ss)

The Satin Chaps (PDX) Sharp chops and killer vibes, the Satin Chaps are Portland’s most swinging “European style go-go/ soul octet with horns, Hammond organ, and general grooviness. And then some. Rare Bender bliss. (ss)

King Louie (New Orleans) From out of the cajun bayou he comes, a Rhythm & Blues punk rocker with an 80’s hair metal fixation. Kinh Louie Bankston is a walking, talking, screaming, strumming, thumping and singing HURRICANE of maladjusted creative brilliance with the power to make Katrina his bitch. In fact, he did. Louie can tell a story and he can sing a song, and in the process, watch the fuck out. (ss)

Flash Flood & The Dikes (PDX) Some powerfully spaced-out and drunk Bakersfield-style country and western, gracefully rendered by hands still bleeding from the Nineties. The lost sounds of a forgotten roadhouse, country miles better than your buddy’s “outlaw band.” (ss)


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